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Surub Trade S.r.l. is one of the most successful companies from Romania since 1993 in the production and distribution of fasteners. Since the foundation from 1993, our aim is to content the customer’s claims, that our customers re-ceive the required products in the ordered quantity, in the allotted time, in the garanted place, and to deliver the requested quality at the best price. Our colleagues' decennial production experience and the professional sales experience, but also our company's ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance systems gives a reliable background in the production of not only traditional fasteners, but also cold-formed and hot-formed fasteners, fasteners that are not standard and other special components at a specific deadline and at the best quality.

Standard products

The Surub Trade commercial program encircles all the general standard fasteners, but also special and unique products from steel, brass and stainless steel. We offer a wide variety of products among which the most important fasteners 4.8, 5.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 in class and A2, A4 in accordance with DIN, ISO and STAS standards.

Special unique products

Beside the standard products we also deliver the following from our store: Unique, special screws, nuts, cold pressed parts, milling cutter and machined parts; All kind of products manufactured after a sample or draft using a wide scale of raw materials such as: materials with high strength tensile, heat-resisting, rust and acid-resistant substances, brass, and aluminum; Heat treated, whetted, hotformed, coldformed, with any kind of thread form. Galvanically-treated surfaces are available in all forms and thicknesses, including dacromet and deltaseal.

The constant concentration on quality, the eminent quality of our products and the product range, the several product innovations, the unique product solutions of special fasteners, the thousands of pallets from our store systems and the professional counseling gave the possibility for Surub Trade S.r.l. to be incomparable on the Romanian market. As a system supplier we ensure more than 25000 products from our 3000 pallet store from Tg- Mures, we deliver the products in 24 hours, just-in-time delivery as requested.